Aug. 18th 2019-Fall

Hey Rebels. It’s been a minute, so we figured we’d give you all an update on NDR news. First, we want to thank everyone who has come out to our summer shows. We’ve had some very interesting shows this year. One show involved us almost getting hit by a truck while playing onstage followed by playing one of our best shows in front of one of the best crowds ever. Rock n roll is never boring for sure. If you did not see it on our our social media, Rikki is no longer part of the band. There are absolutely no hard feelings. Rikki told us before the new record was even released that he’d be leaving and we appreciate him finishing up the shows. We’re proud of the record we made with him and had tons of laughs in the time he was with us. It was just time for him to go do other things and we wish him nothing but the best. As of now, NDR has no interest in holding auditions for someone new and will be going back to a 4 piece. The rock n roll machine continues to roll on. So, what’s next for the band? We’re looking to add more dates in the fall and winter. We’re going to be spending September shooting the next music video and playing at Frankie’s in Toledo. Check out the details on the SHOWS page. I think we’re going to start jamming and working on ideas for new tunes which is always exciting. If you did not see, we have a merch page now so you can order shirts and cds from the comfort of your couch! Christmas is just around the corner so check it out and get your family some NDR gifts. That’s it for now. Stay safe, take care of yourselves, and fight the system!

-Dakota S.