Fall update

Hey Rebels! It looks like we finally made it Fall weather! We’re very excited about the rest of the year. Fist, we filmed a music video a few weeks ago for our next single, Sick Love. It was, without question, the most fun we’ve had shooting a video. Our director, Tyrece, was great to work with. I saw the first minute or so of the edited version. I think it’s going to be our best video yet. Tyrece told me that he’s almost done. I’d say it’s safe to assume that the video should be out by Halloween. Make sure you’re on the lookout for that! Besides a new video, we’ve got a few more shows for the year. Our next gig will be Sat. Nov. 16th at Kelly’s Bar in Hamtramck. If you’ve never been to a show there, you should be there on 11/16. It’s a tiny little punk rock bar and is a great place for music and cheap drinks. Screw and Jakdd are on the bill. It’s a great lineup with a mixture of punk and metal. Loud guitars with a diverse sound all night. We’re working on finishing the lineup for our December 6th show and then we’ll be starting on looking for some 2020 shows…and probably more music videos. This month we’re working on writing new stuff. It’s been almost a year since we really jammed on new material. The other day Law came up with a pretty sick riff that we’ll be working on this week. So, that’s what NDR is up to for a bit. We’re always working on something. Please keep cranking NDR on spotify, itunes, and every other streaming service. Keep spreading the word about the new ep. Keep coming out to shows and supporting the music. The Rebels are the best and we love you all! Stay safe and viva la revolution!